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What A Day

The Yanks won in a walk, 10-4, but that game truly was meaningless. Elsewhere around the league, the drama was unbelievable. The Phils capped off one of the most amazing comebacks in the history of the game, thanks in large part to the complete meltdown Tom Glavine had in what will probably be the final start of his career.

The Padres needed a win today to guarantee a playoff berth. Instead of using their ace, Jake Peavy, they put the ball in Brett Tomko's hand, hoping to save Peavy for game 1 of the playoffs. Needless to say, Tomko couldn't get the job done, Colorado won, and we have a 1-game playoff for the N.L. Wild Card.

My money fantasy league also came down to the final day. The team chasing my team for the win had 8 starters going, and he needed only 1 or 2 wins to make up the points and steal the title (and the cash) from me. Here's the pitching line for his 8 starters: 30.2 innings, 42 hits, 15 walks, 29 earned runs, 25 Ks, 7 losses and 0 wins. Sorry for the geek update, but it's been a long season with disputed trades and endless trash talking, so the manner in which this guy lost just tastes so sweet.

Player of The Game: Betemit, 2 for 5, 3 RBIs.

Stay tuned for some in-depth playoff analysis in the coming days, as for now, well we've got a football game coming up and my preview is long overdue.


Congrats on your fantasy league! Who came through big on your team?

Still hoping for a Yankees/Phillies match up in what would be a win/win situation for both you and I.

Relax! The Phils good Mojo will carry the Birds over the Giants (hopefully), injuries aside. I'm hoping for the emergence of Tony Hunt, Brent Celek and Hank Basket in this game. And if Reggie doesn't show this game, he's on my sh$t list along with Greg Lewis.

Hamels pretty much locked it up for us on Friday, today we just sat back and watched.

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